STX is a leading, fast-growing entertainment company. We are one of eight companies based in the United States producing, marketing, owning and distributing content at scale in the film industry for global audiences across traditional and digital media platforms. In an environment of increasing demand for premium content and an evolving production and distribution landscape, our innovative business model with lower overhead costs allows us to compete with major studios while attracting leading talent. We are backed by many prominent global firms, including TPG Growth, Hony Capital, PCCW Media, Tencent and Liberty Global.

We designed the business from inception to bridge the world’s two biggest entertainment markets, the U.S. and China and are well positioned to connect the two regions. We have built strategic partnerships with leading players in the Chinese market, which we believe gives us a competitive edge in successfully creating content for a global audience across platforms.

We have built a capital efficient business that is highly scalable with capacity for increased content production. Our financing structure minimizes at-risk capital, allowing us to produce an optimal number of projects with our available resources. In addition, our infrastructure and our development and ownership of intellectual property allow us to accelerate our pipeline and increase output to scale across platforms.